D11382: Add an option to show tabs from last time when Dolphin starts

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D11382: Add an option to show tabs from last time when Dolphin starts

Nathaniel Graham
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feverfew added inline comments.

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It doesn't find itself because Dolphin::dolphinInstanceData() filters out the currently running instance by excludinv entries that match its PID.

The reason why preferredService was a parameter was for when ShowFolders/ShowItems was called via DBus. It specifically bypasses excluding the running instance as in that case you wanted the running instance to accept those URLs, i.e. marking a sevice as preferred means it is exempt from the check that filters out the currently running instance. In this case you want to see if any other instances (apart from this one) exist, and hence you should be passing QString(). The only reason I can think of why the patch works in this current state is that Q_CLASSINFO macro only initialises the DBus object for the main window after the constructor finishes...

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