D22144: Add kio recentlyused:/ to access KActivityStats data

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D22144: Add kio recentlyused:/ to access KActivityStats data

Nathaniel Graham
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You asked for it :-)

View InlineCMakeLists.txt:3

this was already done by the parent CMakeLists.txt, wasn't it? Why do it again?

View InlineCMakeLists.txt:11

join with previous line, it looks very strange this way

View InlineCMakeLists.txt:29
set_target_properties(recentlyused PROPERTIES OUTPUT_NAME "recentlyused")

You should also set LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY, see https://community.kde.org/Guidelines_and_HOWTOs/Making_apps_run_uninstalled

View Inlinerecentlyused.cpp:72
bool isRootUrl(const QUrl &url)

prepend "static"

View Inlinerecentlyused.cpp:91
return false;

I may be missing something, but if you don't really reimplement rewriteUrl, then what's the point of using ForwardingSlaveBase in the first place, instead of just SlaveBase?

IIRC *all* of ForwardingSlaveBase's code is based on the rewriteUrl idea.

View Inlinerecentlyused.cpp:109
if (types.count() == 1) {
query = query | Type(typeValue);
} else {

(hmm, someone should implement operator |= in kactivities-stat, to make such code simpler and possibly faster)

View Inlinerecentlyused.cpp:245
KIO::UDSEntry uds;
uds.fastInsert(KIO::UDSEntry::UDS_NAME, dirName);

I count 6...

View Inlinerecentlyused.cpp:256
} else {
// only the root path is supported
error(KIO::ERR_DOES_NOT_EXIST, url.toDisplayString());

Isn't that a problem? Any user of this ioslave might stat() a URL representing a file or directory, coming from this kioslave.

E.g. if you paste a URL of a subdir from one dolphin window to another, I suspect it will happen then. At least in konqueror it does, maybe dolphin assumes everything is a directory since it can't do much with a file URL....

View Inlinerecentlyused.h:36
* Allows to filter the resources based on the activity there were used in.
* Defaults to the current user activity.


View Inlinerecentlyused.h:38
* Defaults to the current user activity.
* Any option means include resources from any activity.
* Example: recentlyused:/?activity=428fa590-1920-4b3c-a7e1-1842e6164707

You mean: the "any" value means...

View Inlinerecentlyused.h:44
* today and yesterday returns resource that had an event today or
* yseterday respectively.
* ISODATE must be of the form YYYY-MM-DD (YYYY is date, NN month, DD day of month)

typo: yesterday

View Inlinerecentlyused.h:45
* yseterday respectively.
* ISODATE must be of the form YYYY-MM-DD (YYYY is date, NN month, DD day of month)
* If a secondary date is passed, the filtering occurs on the date range starting

you mean "YYYY is year"

View Inlinerecentlyused.h:47
* If a secondary date is passed, the filtering occurs on the date range starting
* at the fist date passed and ending at the second date passed inclusively
* Example: recentlyused:/?date=2019-07-30

typo: first

View Inlinerecentlyused.h:52
* Filter on the name or names of the application that used the resource.
* Default to any, meaning no agent filtering
* Example: recentlyused:/?agent=kate,dolphin

The help on this option doesn't mention an "any" value.

View Inlinerecentlyused.h:57
* Filters resources based on the url of the resource, can contain schemes.
* Path can contain '*', defaults to no filtering.

That's ambiguous. Is it a path or a URL?

A "path that can contain schemes" is an invalid mixture of two different things.
If it's a path, a '#' will mean an actual '#' in the filename.
If it's a URL, a '#' in the filename will require encoding as %23, since a '#' in the URL would actually mean a fragment.

View Inlinerecentlyused.h:82
* @brief The RecentlyUsed implements an ioslave to access recently used resources

resources is such a generic word. We're talking about files here, and only files, aren't we? Or maybe files and directories. But not emails, contacts, databases, servers and whatever else, right?

R320 KIO Extras

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