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[KDE-i18n-nl] KDE 3.5.0 RC2

coolo (Bugzilla)

I spent the weekend reviewing commits to the 3.5 branch
and tagged most of them as included in KDE 3.5.0. So now
I prepared a RC2 and plan to announce that as final as soon
as I have enough binaries.

So this means, I will only halt that for really grave problems
(put me on CC on bugzilla entries - don't send me private lists
of show stoppers). So far all feedback I got was that KDE 3.5
is rock solid.

A note to the translators: RC2 contains the same translations
as RC1, beside the tarball of sv, rw and km, where I did mistakes
with RC1. And for those that do not read kde-i18n-doc: KDE 3.5
is from now translated in /branches/stable/l10n

Greetings, Stephan
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