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[KDE-i18n-nl] [Kde-cvs-announce] Message (un)freeze for KDE 3.5.5

coolo (Bugzilla)

After getting positive feedback on the last freeze lifts, I decided to lift
partially the message, documentation and feature freeze for the KDE 3.5
 branch (modules in branches/KDE/3.5 ).

The period of the lift will be until 18th of September 2006 (00:00 UTC).

For the GUI strings (also known as messages), you can fix typos and make
 small changes to them. You can also add new error messages to improve error
 feedback to users. (Adding other kinds of messages are not allowed. In case
 of questions or doubts, please ask the [hidden email] mailing list.)

For the documentation, the changes should also be rather small, except when
fixing inaccurate or outdated documentation. You can also port documentation
that has been prepared in the trunk/KDE modules. (If you change any
documentation for the KDE 3.5 branch, please be sure that the change is also
in the corresponding module of trunk/KDE. However you can do a little later,
in case that you would not have much time during the lift period.)

In addition to that, the feature freeze as announced in [1] reapply to 3.5
branch during that period.

Greetings, Stephan
[1] http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-core-devel&m=114304642132670&w=2
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