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KOrganizer To-Do Force Update

Harley A.W. Lorenzo
I have a calendar folder sync'd into a filesystem cloud in KOrganizer so that
I can access my calendar and to-do data across various separate instances across
different computers with access to the same files. For the most part, this works
great, with only having to force it to sync by opening a specific calendar view
which forces it to sync. However, I noticed that no matter what I do, it does
not sync completeness data of existing to-dos. If I were to start a to-do on one
instance, have it sync to the other, but then change the completeness in the
first instance, it will not ever change the completeness in the second. How can
I force a full sync of an existing calendar folder or use any similar
work-around for my Kontact set-up?

Thank you,

Harley A.W. Lorenzo

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