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Anne-Marie Mahfouf-2
Hi all,

I am writing the QWhatsThis help (and adding that in the manual as well) for
KSpread Cell format (when you right click on a cell -> Cell Format) and I am
quite stuck in some areas.

In Cell Format -> Data format tab

when you format a number as text: no calculations possible? Is the following
correct: When numbers are formatted as text, they cannot be used in
calculations or formulas. It also change the way the cell is justified.
Anything else?

Fraction format: not sure how it works, it seems to keep the floor when no
fraction is possible, otherwise the user has to find out what fraction he can

Custom: how to enable it? what does it do?

Money: it uses KControl settings per default, for example $ for me. When I
choose Money and then Euro symbol in Currency combobox, it does not apply the
Euro symbol. Bug or feature?

I'll probably have more questios but if all this would be cleared for the time
being, that would be great! Don't hesitate to indicate me tips about that
data formatting, there's never enough information for the user!

And when finished, my work will have to be reviewed by someone knowing KSpread
well to see if I did not write any stupidities ;-)

Thanks in advance,

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