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Office viewer for Maemo5 based on KOffice

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Hi all,

Last summer I was approached by a member of Maemo R&D about my involvement
with the ODF Technical Committee. The subject was how to get an office
reader shrunk down to allow it to be used on an embedded device. Naturally
I pitched KOffice as something that I think has the best potential. One
thing led to another and since last summer Nokia has been supporting a
project that makes KOffice work better on small devices. Nokia supported
both me and KO GmbH to work on fixing bugs and enhancing support for
MS-Office formats.

Nokia has packaged KOffice for Maemo 5 environment!. This means that KOffice
can run in the new Maemo device(N900). Just to clarify, this is not  a
commercial product of Maemo but is a contribution by Nokia to Open Source.
The developed application will be made available for download in a typical
release-early release-often.
I'm excited about this as KOffice can be made available to a huge audience
and Nokia has been helping to fix bugs and make MS-Office documents support
more robust.

For Maemo 5 there will be packages available to install the KOffice core
libs, KWord and KPresenter as well as relevant filters on your device. In
addition to this we created a Maemo 5 specific User Interface in order to
take advantage of the finger based user interactions. The UI has been
adapted to fit into the form factor and user interface requirements of the
device. As you can imagine its a pretty simple UI (Qt Designer rocks!), but
it works pretty neat.

It is important to point out that all contributions to KOffice have been
made directly inside the KOffice/wv2 subversion repositories.  The Maemo 5
User Interface that links to the KOffice libs will be open sourced as a
separate repository and made available via

The KOffice document viewer for Maemo 5 will be shown for the first time at
Maemo Summit in Amsterdam between October the 9th and 11th. I booked my
tickets and maybe I'll be able to see some of you guys there. This release
is a bit unfortunately timed as the official KOffice2.1 release will likely
be one or two weeks later making the Fremantle office use the release
candidate at first.

During the last KOffice sprint several members of the Nokia Maemo R&D team
were present and talked about Maemo in general, now you know why. I hope to
see them again in the upcoming sprint where we can talk about how to
continue working together.
Thomas Zander
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