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Problem with Menus & Mouse

Daniel L.McGrew
Thanks in advance for any help that is rendered to me on this topic... Thank

I've loaded Debian on at least four computers about 10 times... Some more
than others... lol...

Anyway, I've loaded it this last time, on a DELL Optiplex GX100... It's
working absolutely wonderful, as always, however I've built 3 profiles on
this 'puter and mine is messed up... I'm not certain exactly what I did to
accomplish this unusual feat, but I would like to know how to fix it...

I have to click to select main list items on my menu... in all the other
installations, I simply hold the mouse over the item in the KDE list menu
and it's selected, the sub-menu pops out...
However, at the present it's not working like that... If anyone knows how to
fix that I would really appreciate it if you could impart that information
to me...

One other problem I'm having is with the mouse. I have a two button mouse
with a scroll wheel in the middle... the scroll wheel it's working...
In control center I have these items selected;
Button Order = Right Handed
Single-click to open files and folders
Change pointer shape over icons
visual feedback on activation


ADVANCED (Using setup defaults)
Pointer acceleration            2.0x
Pointer threshold               4 pixels
Double-click interval           400 msec
Drag start time                 500 msec
Mouse wheel scrolls by          3 lines

Mouse navigation                (by keyboard NOT selected)

I've also looked at other instanced on this computer that work the way that
I want them to work and can't find the difference... they look the same...
I've got to be missing something...

It's always something small, a check-mark in a box somewhere, or something
tiny and hard to find like that... there are so many check boxes... lol...

        Thanks, once again, in advance for any and all help that anyone reading
this renders to me in handling this problem,

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