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Thangamani Arun

From: "Enen Lobo" <[hidden email]>
Subject: Compatibility of Konqueror embedded & Qt/Embedded
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I need some information on Konqueror-Qt/Embedded compatibility.
Can someone please tell me which version of Konqueror(if any) works on
As of now, I'm itending to use 3.5.9 version of konq-embedded.
Please advise.

konqueror3-embedded-0.2-20060121 is not woring with Qt/e can test with Qt/e 3

see konqueror was developed on qt classes. If you are trying to compile konqueror with qt/e-4.4.3..there will be lot of c++ errors will be thrown..

as far as konqueror3-embedded-0.2-20060121 is workin well with Qtopia-2.2.1


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