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Re: status of kde/plasma kiosk framework in kf5

Mag. Weissel Thomas
hello everybody!

i just found this on  -->

i used "alien" to create a .deb package and installed it without
problems on kubuntu 1604
see screenshots :-)

it was last revisited by hrvoje.senjan at in 2013 and somehow
ported to kde4

unfortunately the only languages i speak are scriptlanguages like php,
js or python so i can't make much out of the c source code an definitely
not fix anything myself but..

as far as i see there is not that much to do to make it work with
plasma5 .. from a user point of view i've found 3 minor problems so far:

1.) we need to rework the files in ./data/ that contain the action
restrictions and other restrictions (for example actions.kiosk or
general.kiosk) to reflect the current state of the kiosk framework
some of the things there seem to be outdated and others just got fixed
or changed in the last 3 weeks ;-) (or added)

2.) make sure that the configuration file  "/etc/kde4rc" is renamed to

3.) get rid of the weird looking double headlines both in the same
font-style ;-)


ps: there was one group missing out of this.. therefore i added this
email to [hidden email]
hello there kde kiosk developers. if you read this i'd love to thank you
for what you've done so far and i hope you could help in updating this
nice tool to make it work with the newest version of the awesome
plasma-desktop and all of it's great applications :-)
if you want to read the whole thread:
sorry for crossposting.

Am 2016-05-12 um 15:23 schrieb Marco Martin:

> On Thursday 12 May 2016 13:57:31 David Edmundson wrote:
>>> same reason i disabled all title bar actions in kwin and all
>>> keyboardshortcuts..  i don't want anyone to accidentally do something
>>> unintended..
>> OK, I think that might have got lost in the port.
>> containment_context_menu doesn't seem to exist anymore. However, with
>> run_command and logout disabled this menu will be near empty anyway.
>> I'll take a look.
> as a separate way to just removing every containment action plugin?

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