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Refactoring Question

Mohammed Aziz



I am studying koffice for quite a long time for my research purpose.


It would be great if any senior member who is associated with the project could let me know how refactoring is done on Koffice products.

The products which I would be interested in are KChart, KWord, KPresenter, KSpread and Kivio.


It would be great if anyone could provide me information about the major releases in which these products were refactored so as to comply with the feature enhancement.


I would be interested in knowing just the release numbers. The releases that I am studying is from 1.0 – 1.6.3.

If exact release numbers are not know it would be also beneficial if few could answer the following question.


Is continuous refactoring approach followed in the development and the maintenance of these products?


I would be obliged if I get more responses from the team so that I have strong arguments to support my research.

If published I will be willing to share my research with the senior members of the team so that I can contribute to product too.



Thanks and Regards

Mohammed Aziz

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