Searching one old kde 1.x/2.x theme

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Searching one old kde 1.x/2.x theme

 Hi, I'm searching two things:

1. A wallpaper pattern that looks like a fine knitted or woven
green background. The contour isn't that distinctive but as a
pattern-desktop-background it just looks pretty nice.

2. A dark theme from the old days (kde 1 or 2). It's a bit of a
gothic styled one and I think this is called "dark-green"
or "black and dark green".
The shape of the windows have curlicues and a long drop on the
side down left.
There were also themes with the same shape but different colors.
Like: dark-red and dark-blue. But the green-black was the best.

To wallow in self-pity, here
it's not listed.

I think I found it in the old days at I also asked
in the forum there:
(OLD KDE Themes from kde 1/2.x)

At this time I used a suse 6.x distribution. But I don't have the
cd-set anymore and in the net isn't this release. Because I
suppose the green wallpaper was on these cds.

Maybe some can help me.

Thanks for your help and keep on that nice eyecandy stuff.

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