Some interesting UI ideas - borrowed from MacOS fan

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Some interesting UI ideas - borrowed from MacOS fan

Wiktor Wandachowicz-3
Yeah, these posts may be old (1,5 year already) and you may even have
seen it. But I still was able to find some ideas I've never heard of
Some of these "fresh views" may be attributed to the MacOS itself,
however some ideas seem to be a result of quite interesting

* How to Fix the Finder 1: Faster

* How to Fix the Finder 2: Smarter

* How to Fix the Finder 3: Prettier

* File manager that seems to launch a number of tasks, that are
actually handled by other apps
* Servisposé - largely unused in current incarnation, yet interesting
system-wide filters that allow doing actions based on the source
* Smart Folder Tools (Sync, Merge, and Compare sets of files)
* Smarten up Get Info Panels + Smart Labels
* Add File Browser Plugins -- ok, this isn't real, we already have
this ;-) but it was a bit shocking not to see it in older MacOS
* File manager bookmarks - with easy backup and synchronization
* Tabbed windows/views of File manager + draggable tabs (including
taking a tab out of the window, and combining tabs into a window)
* Multiple pane views in File manager
* Smart labels

I mean these ideas may be worth to think about including them and/or
enhancing them, to eventually put them into new KDE, making it even
better of course!

Wiktor Wandachowicz

PS. Should you post any answer please CC me, I'm not on a list. Thanks!

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