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Wisemen council, elected :)

Bugzilla from zander@kde.org
Some 2 weeks ago Pierre (Stirnweiss) sent an email here about the Wise men
council. To recap;
The wise man council with 3 elected volunteers would be formed. The council
will only be used when no agreement can be found between different people about
something in all of KOffice.

Since the mail from 2 weeks ago we have had a lot of suggestions for
candidates and ended up with a list of 6 people. Then the contributors of
KOffice have had a vote and we now have 3 members of that list officially elected
as the council. (detail, 21 people voted)
In a separate vote (an open one) the seating period was decided and the
outcome is that the council with the currently 3 elected members will stay as
is for 12 months. After these 12 months we will likely have a new election,
but its too soon to tell what exactly happens after. What is a fact is that
for the next 12 months these 3 members of our community have received the
mandate to decide, bindingly on critical issues when no agreement can be found

Without further delays I want to congratulate the new members of the council
on their election :)  (alphabetical order)

- Cyrille Berger (CyrilleB)
- Marijn Kruisselbrink (Mek)
- Pierre Stirnweiss (PierreSt)

Congrats to them and thanks for all the people that put themselves up for
Thomas Zander
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