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clazy v1.2 released

Sergio Martins-2
Hi all,

clazy 1.2 has been released, these are the changes:

  - Pre-built Windows binaries:
  - clazy-standalone executable. Allows to run clazy against a JSON
compilation database instead of as a plugin. clang-tidy doesn't
support loading external modules
( so this is a good
  - qt-compat mode. Allows to disable Qt5 specific checks by passing
-Xclang -plugin-arg-clang-lazy -Xclang qt4-compat

  - New checks:

  - returning-data-from-temporary now checks for temporary QByteArrays
casting to char* when returned
  - returning-data-from-temporary now checks for assignment too, not
only return statements
  - unused-non-trivial-variable now warns for unused QList, QVector
and many more types
  - ASTMatchers based checks are now supported
  - clang 3.7 was dropped due to ASTMatchers source incompatibilities.
    Use clazy v1.1 for clang >= 3.6 support

  - no longer gets built by default, only the plugin
( gets built. Pass -DCLAZY_BUILD_UTILS_LIB=ON to enable
the utils library if you're developing tools using clazy's convenience
functions, which you're probably not.

  - CLAZY_INSTALL_NO_HEADERS option was removed. Either install the
utils library and headers or nothing at all. By default nothing is
installed, except the plugin and man pages.

Sergio Martins