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[kde] [Bug 120008] Suggestion for new menu/toolbar appearance

Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes-4

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--- Comment #11 from andreas <[hidden email]> ---

I work on a ribbon/tabbed bar ui for libreoffice. Pro: you can show all
functions for a specific workflow in one tab. Con: everything else is hidden in
another tab and you have to click where this actions are.

In the end eg. MS outlook is confuse and ms paint don't have items in each tab
cause there are not that much functions.

Caligra office has tabbs and a sidebar. In general the ui should depend on the
app and not on a desktop environmental hig.

Kate has enough functions for a ribbon ui, but kate has only a menubar by
default, cause power users use shortcuts and default users write text and if
you need a specific action search in the menubar is faster than in tabbs cause
read a vertical list is faster than on an icon label tab.

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