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[kwave] doc/en: typo in manual (wrong plural)

Boudewijn Rempt-5
Git commit 2bef6e24d15e9118534898db24f753e436442992 by Thomas Eschenbacher.
Committed on 13/09/2018 at 17:17.
Pushed by eschenbacher into branch 'master'.

typo in manual (wrong plural)

M  +1    -1    doc/en/index.docbook


diff --git a/doc/en/index.docbook b/doc/en/index.docbook
index acf225e5..f0254080 100644
--- a/doc/en/index.docbook
+++ b/doc/en/index.docbook
@@ -3624,7 +3624,7 @@
  Select a &GUI; mode, which can be either SDI, MDI or Tab mode.
- Please be aware that this changes will immediately take
+ Please be aware that this change will immediately take